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In the wake of Rush’s final Tour, The Rush Experience was formed by Vince Tricarico with the goal of reproducing at an extremely high level, the sight and sound of rock’s finest Canadian trio.


Vince Tricarico plays the part of Neil Peart with a 1:1 exact replica of Neil Peart’s drum kit.  To include his electronic ‘rear’ drum kit - all on a ‘rotating’ octagon drum riser.  Vince has big shoes to fill and does so with both aplomb and the massive drum kit that drew so many fans to Rush Concerts for over 40 Years.

David Kidd takes on many roles – the biggest – Geddy Lee.  David will sing, play bass and cover all the keyboard parts that Geddy Lee did while playing in Rush.  All the parts that Geddy Lee played David will perform the same way – meaning every sound coming from the stage is played/trigger in real time.

Sean O’Brien has the challenging roll of covering Alex Lifeson, who over his career continued his unending “tone-chasing” along with a style that was the cornerstone the Rush’s sound.  When Sean is playing his parts, you know it’s RUSH.


“The biggest challenge for the band, aside from the complexity of the music itself, is creating all that sound with only three people”.  Vince says, “But that’s a big part of what makes it fun for us and for our fans”.

We’re huge Rush fans just like everyone who comes out to see us play.

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